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Pergola's and Deck and Patio Storage Lock Boxes


Pergola's built from solid thick preassure treated wood that will last a lifetime. 

I build and install  these custom to your specs and will beet any competitors price.

Please call or email me for more details and a price quote.

Prices very depending on size and options, Pergolas starting at $1500

Freestanding Pergolas

These are completely free standing, meaning they are not cemented in or attached to the house, and rest on your existing surface, cement, pavers, etc.   They have angled knee braces between the posts and beams.   I build them in my shop and then assemble on site. Pricing below is a general estimate and included delivery and set up in the jacksonville area.

Sizes are for overal length of the rafters and beams including any overhang from the posts.

8' x 8'                $1600

10' x 10            $2000

12' x 12'             $2800

14' x 14'             $3900

16' x 16'             $5000

12' x 24'             $5700


Weather proof  durable wood storage boxes for your patio or deck.  Ideal for securely storing patio seat cushions, or boating supplies out on the dock.

Built to order any size, style or color.  These are built extremely solid to endure the worst storm mother nature can dish out.  They are completely sealed and come with Powder coated hinges and a rubber lid seal.  Options include Gas lift supports and padlock, combination, or Key locking latches, back and arm supports, and cushion rails.

Delivery and installation is available.

Storage boxes are $125 per foot.  i.e. 6' box is $750 8' box is $1000.


Lock box

This one pictured is an 8' x 2' dock lock box with a backrest. It has black powder coated T- hinges. The white around the lid is a rubber weather strip to keep the lid sealed water tight when closed, this one has a combination locking latch, and a gas lift support. 

Forget those cheap plastic storage boxes that blow away with the first wind storm.  These lock boxes can be bolted right to your dock and can withstand almost anything.

8' dock lock box

16' Paddle board storage box

12' x 18' pergola 10' x 12' pergola
10' x 6' pergola and day bed swing
Patio Shutters patio shutters

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